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A cup of coffee for the climate

Coor Denmark has started a partnership with the coffee producer Slow, which grows coffee that benefits the climate.

Slow coffee | Coor

Slow’s coffee trees, which grow in harmony with the forest, present a sharp contrast to the big coffee producers’ extensive plantations that use up nature’s resources.

According to Søren Kanne, Division Director, FOOD by Coor Denmark, this is the way forward if we want to continue to enjoy good coffee while caring about the climate:

“At Coor, we want to take active responsibility. The solution is regenerative food production, where you try to copy nature’s own processes. In this case, instead of ravaging nature to grow coffee trees, you grow the trees inside the forest.”

Coor’s contract with Slow runs for seven years. Slow has acquired 100 hectares of conventionally managed coffee plantations in Laos and is converting them into organic forestry. Local trees and other crops are being replanted and Coor has undertaken to consume a large amount of coffee beans each year. From 2022, FOOD by Coor will be delivering regenerative forest coffee to its customers through catering services for meetings in Denmark.

About Slow

Slow was founded in 2018 by Pijna Puustjärvi from Finland and is currently run by a growing team and a number of investors, including some high-profile international names in the field of sustainability. Slow works to preserve and restore forests together with 153 micro-farmers and a local team in Laos that helps and educates the farmers. Slow is also working to create better living conditions for vulnerable coffee farmers.