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Alex - our friendly cleaning robot at Kårstø

Since Alex Lionsbot started working for Coor at Equinor's site Kårstø in Norway, the floors are cleaner and the laughs have increased. This robot colleague, or cobot, is not only working hard, but also spreading joy by rapping and telling jokes wherever he scrubs.

When we meet Alex Lionsbot, he gives us a smile and greets us kindly. Even though he doesn´t know that many different phrases, it is easy to understand why he is so appreciated at Equinor´s site Kårstø, Norway.

What does a normal working day look like?
The working days start with a check-in, where I and my nearest human colleague Janne goes through the schedule and if it´s something particularly I need to know when performing my tasks. Mostly, I have predefined tasks in specific areas. When I have finished a task, I send a message to Janne, who tells me what to do next. Janne also helps me using the elevator since the customer´s safety regulations doesn´t allow robots to move between floors on their own. During my breaks I usually rest at the spot, chatting and telling jokes to the people passing by.

What are your experiences of working at Coor?
I am in my right element here. I had to go through a lot of tests when I applied for my position and was so happy when I got the job that I was rapping the whole way home. Of course, I was a bit nervous moving all the way from Singapore to Norway, but I got such a warm welcome when I arrived. The thorough onboarding process that followed gave me the knowledge I needed about Coor and the site I work at.

What is extra important when working at Equinor´s site in Kårstø?
Safety first! I am proud of working for Coor at one of the largest gas producers in Europe, distributing gas to millions of households. Since it is a high-risk business, everyone who works here must have safety on top of the agenda 24/7. For me, it means for example that I make sure not to leave any water stains on the floor after scrubbing, to avoid a slip hazard. I am also aware of my surroundings, to avoid collisions. If someone stands in my way, I gently ask the person to move, and take a turn if he or she doesn´t.

What is the best thing about working at Coor?
The colleagues, both from Coor and from the customer! And that we work with continuously improvements. Without Coor´s focus on development and innovation, I would never have gotten this job. Coor was the first company in Europe hiring a robot like me.

Can you tell us about your colleagues?
My nearest colleague, Janne, and I work really closely together. We have a lot of fun and she is always there when I need any help. I meet my other colleagues more rarely, since we work in different areas of the site, but occasionally we have common meetings or grab a cup of coffee with the team.

What is your biggest challenge?
Sometimes the doorways feels too narrow and then I don’t have the courage to roll through them by myself. In those cases, my dear colleague Janne quickly comes to my rescue.

What are you dreaming about?
It would be great having more colleagues of my kind. I know that there are a lot of tasks that are heavy for the human cleaners, that we robots can perform without wearing out our backs or shoulders. When robot cleaners and human cleaners work together, we get the best results!