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Coor commits to Net-Zero greenhouse gas emissions

Coor, the Nordics’ leading facility management company, has committed to Net-Zero emissions of greenhouse gases in accordance with the Science Based Targets initiative. In addition, the company has developed several climate analysis tools that are already being used for measurement, follow-up and producing supporting data relating to sustainability decisions.

Ecologically Inclined Services provided by Coor | Coor

Coor’s ambitious targets include a reduction of 75% of emissions in scope 1 and 2 by 2030 with the base year 2018 – ensuring an entirely CO2-neutral vehicle fleet and exclusively renewable electricity in the properties where Coor has operational control over energy use.

In order to address scope 3, Coor has committed to a supplier engagement target by 2026 whereby 70% of the company’s scope 3 emissions will be derived from suppliers committed to goals approved by Science Based Targets.

“In the last few years, Coor has accelerated its work in sustainability. In December 2021, we submitted our climate targets to Science Based Targets for verification. The processing times are currently long, which is positive as it shows that, just like Coor, many other companies understand the seriousness of climate change and are ready to take full responsibility,” commented AnnaCarin Grandin, President and CEO of Coor.

In the long term, the company’s target is for all emissions to reach Net-Zero according to the new standard, and planning for this has already started. Coor has set the direction, including a clear goal for a 30% reduction in emissions in food & beverage.

“Coor has high ambitions, but we also understand the challenges faced by the complex FM sector. Accordingly, we seek out sector partnerships on climate issues with industry colleagues, customers, suppliers and other operators. Together we can make a difference,” AnnaCarin Grandin Grandin concludes.