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The safest year in Coor's history so far

In 2023, we had the lowest number of work-related injuries so far in our company's history. Since 2021, we have reduced the number of injuries that occur during working hours by 40%.

The success factors include not performing tasks that cannot be performed in a safe way, systematically reporting risk observations and continuously strengthening our safety culture.

Every year, we measure the number of injuries that occur during working hours and strive to achieve our vision of no employee being injured at work. Since 2021, we have reduced the number of injuries by 40% and see a positive trend in all our business units. Over the past year, Coor in Finland has distinguished itself by reporting zero injuries in eight out of twelve months during the period December 2022 to November 2023. During the same period, Coor in Finland also reduced the number of injuries from 20 to 4, compared with the same period last year. That's an 80% reduction.

”The turning point in our safety development was a kick-off for our supervisors and specialists in February 2023. We had a long session where we delved into safety statistics and committed to improving them together. But even though we see a positive trend, we will of course continue to strengthen our safety culture because in this matter, we never truly reach the finish line”, Marcus Karsten, President of Coor Finland, comments.

We keep improving our already strong safety culture

The key to a safe work environment lies in a company’s safety culture. Research shows a direct link between behavior and safety in our workplaces. Companies where managers and employees view occupational safety as a shared responsibility and act accordingly have low and, in some cases, even non-existent injury statistics.

To further strengthen our safety culture, we continue to conduct regular training for our managers and employees. We prioritize the onboarding of new employees, the review of our Life Saving Rules and the importance of risk observations.

Coor’s Life Saving Rules are based on the most common risks in our operations and help us to understand how we should act in situations where there is a risk of injury. 

”At Coor, safety comes first, and we work according to the rule that we only perform tasks that can be performed in a safe way. The goal is that everyone who works at Coor should share the same values and feel a personal and common responsibility to achieve our vision to achieve zero work-related injuries,” Mikael Karlsson, Group Health and Safety Manager, comments.

The goal is for each passing year to be the safest year in our history

Thanks to regular training initiatives and a systematic way of working with injury escalation processes, Coor in Sweden has managed to significantly reduce the number of injuries over the past year. Markus Danielson, Business Unit Manager for IFM2 in Sweden, comments on the positive development:

”We have succeeded in creating a safety culture where we jointly take responsibility for safety at our workplaces, with each employee doing their part. Identifying and preventing risks is a never-ending task, but with the determination of the entire organization, we have a much better chance of succeeding. It feels extremely good that we can see the number of injuries decrease as a result of our work!”

"There is a lot to be proud of and it is important for us to show that our efforts to always put safety first are paying off. The goal is for each passing year to be the safest year in our history, and we will be able to reach that goal if we continue to take responsibility for both our own and our colleagues’ safety. Together we continue to build an even safer and more united Coor," concludes Mikael Karlsson.

As a leading facility management provider in the Nordic region, we have thousands of employees who work in our own and our customers' diverse work environments on a daily basis. Our customers range from international industrial companies to university hospitals, retailers and local authorities. Regardless of where our employees work, safety is a top priority, and for us at Coor, the rule is "if we cannot do the work safely, we shall not do it at all."

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