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Smarter Worklife

Podcaster Andrew D. Huberman gives his best tips: How do you optimize your work and workplace?

Many of us struggle to streamline our work and get the most out of our days. Smarter Worklife talked to the expert, Andrew D. Huberman, an American neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University, who admits to having difficulty focusing in busy environments and at messy desks. Here are his tips for an optimized workday.

“You don’t have to follow all of these tips, just pick the ones that work for you."

Andrew D. Huberman

“This may sound a bit strange, but there is research to support that it is effective to walk on a treadmill while working.”

Andrew D. Huberman

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Coor is passionate about the future of work. In our magazine you will find news and inspiration about things that make working life smarter, more fun and more sustainable. Smarter Worklife was nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2019 in the category editorial, customer magazine, for best graphic design and communication.

A new issue of Smarter Worklife is published once a year.