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“The customer experience runs like a common thread through everything we do”

Working with the customer experience can include both the external customer´s and the internal customer´s employee experience. For Marie, Andersson, Head of Workplace Management at TeliaCompany, the goal is that their employees should love being at their workplace.

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At Telia, the work takes place with the internal customer experience, meaning how their employees experience their workplace, as an integrated part of the service delivery. An important first step has been to map all the interactions and contact points that the FM delivery has with the employees. When doing that analysis, it also became clear which collaborations that were important to capture, such as IT. Digital meetings are today a central part of the experience in the workplace and there the FM organization works closely with IT to together create added value for the employees.

– When working with the customer experience, it is crucial to have a helicopter perspective where the goal is to support the company´s overall purpose, for example, why do we exist? When it is clear and distinct, it is possible to create a common thread in what you do. Our goal is for all our employees to love being at our workplace;  as an employee we want you to experience a smooth working day and that you have all the service that you need in order to perform your very best, says Marie Andersson.

Look outside your own organisation

Trends in the world around us affect or will affect employees´ experiences and preferences, and therefore Telia has chosen to broaden the perspective of the customer experience outside its own organization. In collaboration with the FM provider, the customer experience is a common goal where the employees´ experience will be measured in surveys throughout the year. Based on these surveys, the joint FM organization receives a temperature measurement once a quarter and a total picture of the experience is measured once a year. The surveys are supplemented with physical house meetings where the employee experience at each workplace is in focus, discussed and analysed.

– For long-term value creation, we constantly try to maximize the value of what we do while we try to minimize the unnecessary issues. If we do well, the whole company will feel better and perform better. FM is an important piece of the puzzle for Telia, says Marie Andersson.

What should you think about if you want to start working with the internal customer experience?  

In many ways, it is about not making it too complicated. Take your starting point in the company´s mission and vision, and what it means for the FM delivery. Then start overall by defining what the process looks like, finding the dependencies that exist and who the customer is. If you have good knowledge of your business and delivery, it is a simple exercise. Sometimes you need to build on the knowledge through interviews or surveys. Here you should not forget to think outside your own organization and a point of contact is usually the FM provider. It is good to define clear goals for the entire FM organization to work towards. It is about thinking smart with the common resources so that the value is maximized. Together with its FM supplier, Telia have defined different target areas where “employee experience” differs from classic productivity and efficiency targets. In a service industry such as the FM industry, it is a natural step when the customer experience becomes increasingly central.  

The internal customer experience must create value for the business so that the workplace contributes to the company achieving its overall goals.