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Together we create truly sustainable laundry

Mimbly´s mission is to make laundry as sustainable as possible. Coor´s mission is to help our customers in creating as attractive, efficient and sustainable workplaces as possible. Together we create innovations, for a more sustainable world.

New Collabaration with Mimbly | Coor

When the magic happens

Mimblys product Mimbox can help the society in different ways; by saving water and energy on site, but also stopping the microplastics from entering our lakes and oceans and in the waste water treatments plants. Coor has for many years been building a strong improvement culture. We have a dedicated innovation team that continuously identifies, develops, and launches new innovative solutions that are commercially, operationally and technologically scalable. We do this alongside others in our steadily growing innovation eco system which includes our customers, employees, existing suppliers and new exciting businesses. Mimbly is one example were we benefit from working together in trying so solve real and complex sustainability issues. The magic happens when we, together with a startup or supplier, and the customer, can work in the value chain to find these new amazing solutions.

The challenge

  • Drinkable water is used in everyday tasks, such as laundry​
  • Laundry is done using hot water, needing a lot of energy to heat up the water​
  • Modern cleaning is to a large degree performed using microfiber mops and cloths​
  • Synthetic textiles release microfibers when they are washed, and the microfibers end up in the oceans and organisms

The solution

  • A product that connects to laundry machines and makes the washing more sustainable
  • Save energy by reusing the hot water​
  • Use water in a smarter way and come one step closer toward sustainability​
  • Stop microplastics before they can reach the oceans
  • User centereddesign

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