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Collaboration and innovative solutions for the property industry

The Nordic Proptech Awards will set new standards for sustainable solutions in buildings and workplaces.

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At Coor, we work to redefine the sustainable operation of buildings and workplaces. That is why Coor is involved in the creation of the Nordic Proptech Awards, where future visionary startups will be celebrated. As a precursor to the Awards, several selection events will be held during 2021 where the most promising Nordic-oriented PropTech startups will present their solutions.

"We have chosen to be partners on the track that is about #sustainability since this is where we want to revolutionize the industry", says Thomas Fog, Business Unit President, Coor.

The initiative is just the beginning of a new Nordic collaboration creating a regional proptech and real estate innovation community with better and wider investment, growth, market, and innovation opportunities.

"Coor are super proud to support the first Nordic PropTech Awards, a new ecosystem acceleration & recognition program launched in a joint venture by the Nordic proptech associations of Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland.  The Nordic PropTech scene is a very important part of Coor’s existing and future innovation ecosystem and The Nordic PropTech Awards is a fantastic opportunity to both recognize the breadth of startups and scaleup within this exciting tech vertical and at the same time celebrate the best of the best", says Fredrik Sandqvist, Head of Innovation at Coor.

The award is a Nordic initiative created across the national proptech organizations.