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Coor wins innovation award

For the second year running, Coor has won the FM industry’s Innovation Award, this time with Smart Climate powered by LightAir, a solution for clean and virus­free air in office environments.

Smart Climate Service provided by Coor | Coor

Together with LightAir, a Swedish clean tech firm, Coor has developed an offer to create a safer indoor climate through virus control and indoor air filtration. LightAir seeks out and neutralises airborne viruses already in the air and is 97 per cent effective. It also filters the indoor air with great precision, removing 99.99 per cent of all viruses, bacteria and ultrafine particles. The technology behind LightAir has been tested by researchers at the Karolinska Institute and their conclusions have been published in the scientific journal Nature Scientific Reports.

“This is a solution that reduces the spread of infection, increases well­being and provides a better and safer environment at our workplaces. The solution is really well­timed and many companies have shown great interest in our products,” says Mattias Wahlgren, Group Innovation Manager at Coor.

The award for best FM innovation was instituted by the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) as part of an effort to promote and disseminate innovations that develop and improve the FM industry.