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Innovation reduces GN Store Nord’s energy consumption

With the help of sensors, Coor reduced GN Store Nord’s energy consumption by 40 per cent in 2022 and thus helped the company move towards its vision of creating the technology of the future with a focus on sustainability.

GN Store Nord is one of the world’s largest producers of hearing aids and headsets. Sustainability is a central aspect of the company’s business strategy. One of the company’s goals is to make the business CO2-neutral by 2025, and Coor has been able to contribute to this in several ways. 

“Coor’s focus on technology is crucial to our ability to achieve this goal,” says Hannah Smith, Sustainability Specialist at GN Store Nord. 

Sensors reduce GN Store Nord’s energy consumption

Coor has installed sensors at two facilities, which has made it possible to monitor and optimise energy consumption and detect any deviations before problems arise. Coor has also optimised timed lighting control, flow temperature and other systems. This creates both climate and economic benefits, according to Metta Andreasen, FM Manager at GN Store Nord: “Already in 2021, the sensors helped us to reduce our energy use by the equivalent of 70 single-family houses, or 60 tonnes of carbon dioxide. In 2022, we reduced our energy use by a further 40 per cent, and our electricity use by 20 per cent. It is fantastic to see how we are realising our ambition for more sustainable buildings.” 

But it is not only in the area of energy use that Coor is making a contribution. Coor’s FM contract as a whole has a clear focus on sustainability. One example of this is that all waste is fractionated – that is, separated at source – based on the products’ life cycles and recyclability. But you also need to buy products that are highly recyclable to begin with.
“When a company implements new sustainability initiatives, it is important to have a professional partner. Coor’s waste management experts have helped us with purchasing, fractionation and CO2 measurements for waste,” says Metta Andreasen. 

Electric cars are the future 

Given GN Store Nord’s strong focus on creating tomorrow’s sustainable technology, it is natural that the company should also want to inspire its employees to choose sustainable cars. In 2023, Coor will therefore be installing 70 electric car chargers that will make it easier for the employees to charge their electric cars while they are at work.  

Coor's FM contract with GN Store Nord

Coor has been providing FM services to GN Store Nord since March 2009. Coor provides property services, including technical property services and caretaking, restaurant, cleaning, waste management, reception and freight handling services at GN Store Nord’s facilities. 51 Coor employees work under the contract. Coor has also designed and delivered a new restaurant and sound lab for GN Store Nord.