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Strong commitment resulted in reduced heat consumption at Alleima

Thanks to a systematic and structured effort and a strong commitment from the customer, Coor was able to reduce heat consumption by 16,000 MWh at Alleima in Sandviken in just three years.

Alleima, formerly Sandvik Materials Technology, develops and manufactures advanced products in stainless steel and special alloys as well as industrial heating products. Around 5,500 people work in the company globally, which exports to over 90 markets around the world.

Alleima’s facilities are located in Sandviken’s industrial park and include everything from large production plants of varying ages to office buildings. Here, Coor’s energy specialists work systematically to reduce energy use in the company’s buildings, comprising a total floor space of 700,000 square metres.

When the project entered a new phase in autumn 2018, the goal was to reduce annual heat use by 2 to 3 per cent, but so far the annual reduction has been somewhere between 4 and 5 per cent. Since 2019, heat consumption has been reduced by 16,000 MWh, or 13 per cent, according to Robin Kairis, Coor’s Site Manager.
“The key to success has been a systematic approach with frequent monitoring and a committed customer,” he adds.

Coor and Alleima meet at regular intervals. At the meetings, the goals for energy use are reviewed, the savings rate is presented, specific buildings are addressed and the reasons for any increases in energy use are analysed, and new proposals for energy savings are put forward. Alleima and Coor agree that it is the structured approach and strategic management that are the key parameters.
“We have been working together for a long time, but it was when we found this new approach that we really achieved results. This site is 160 years old and there are many challenges,” says Glenn Johansson, Head of Facility Management at Alleima. 

In concrete terms, efficiencies are achieved by fixing heat recovery systems that are not efficient enough and adjusting ventilation systems and radiators, and by adjusting temperatures and operating times to the operations. If a space is empty, it is possible to save up to 1,000 MWh a year by simply adjusting the ventilation.

Electricity has also surfaced as a hot topic recently, although Alleima has already had a focus on this area for a couple of years.
“The whole energy issue is a key part of our sustainability goals,” says Glenn Johansson. He adds that the uncertain situation in the world has also led to Alleima and Coor drawing up contingency plans as part of the collaboration between Coor and Alleima Facility Management.

In addition to energy efficiency, Alleima has engaged Coor to handle maintenance of properties and outdoor environments. “Our successful efforts to create energy efficiencies have made a good contribution to reducing Alleima’s maintenance costs,” notes Per Stinessen, Coor’s Contract Manager. 

Coor’s IFM contract with Alleima

Since 2009, Coor has had a major contract with Alleima which, in addition to energy efficiency, covers maintenance of properties and outdoor environments. Around a hundred Coor employees provide reception, telephony, security, mail, cleaning and caretaking services.