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Trust crucial when Coor is your face to the world

The long-standing partnership between Coor and pension company Varma is built on mutual trust and understanding, as Coor represents Varma in all meetings with the company’s service users.

Coor has been Varma’s service partner and has been in charge of the company’s property services and cleaning since 2008. Coor is responsible for property services and cleaning in Varma’s commercial properties, which cover large floor areas and receive thousands of visitors every year.

To successfully complete its assignment, Coor needs to be able to see things from the property owner’s perspective:

“Trust is crucial when the service provider is the owner’s face to those who visit the property. Cost­effective, smart thinking and constant development are other key factors,” Toni Pekonen, Commercial Property Director at Varma, says.

Apart from the day­to­day running of the properties, Varma’s properties also undergo major renovations and conversions, making the role of caretaker all the more important. Coor participates in these projects but also needs to ensure that both the tenants and service users are happy.

“Coor’s role is crucial. They need to be able to respond to comments and handle any complaints that may arise,” Toni Pekonen says.

The pace of technological development at Varma is very fast.

“Running properties in a responsible and sustainable manner will be even more important in the future. Our properties are becoming even more technical, so the service provider needs to have a lot of knowledge in this area. In addition to its current work, Coor will in future be responsible for managing this network of digital development partners,” Toni Pekonen concludes.

Coor’s assignment

Coor provides   property   services and cleaning at two large properties: Arabia135, an iconic area of Helsinki known for its industrial design that is now a dynamic meeting place for the city’s residents, visitors and tourists, and Rajalla in Torneå, one of the largest shopping centres in Lapland.

About Varma

Varma provides pension insurance for Finnish work and is a pioneer in work ability management. They are also a responsible and solvent investor. As a property investor, Varma’s focus is on providing high-quality commercial premises and apartment buildings across Finland.