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Management Team Coor Finland

The management group in Finland consists of the following people.

Marcus Karsten | Coor

Marcus Karsten


Karoliina Alasalmi, Coor Employee

Karoliina Alasalmi

CFO (on parental leave)

Katarina Andersson | Coor

Katarina Andersson

Business Unit President

Ville Analla | Coor

Ville Annala

Business Unit President and acting CFO

Matias Backstrom, Coor Employee

Matias Bäckström

Head of Strategy, Customer Experience and Service Development

Marie Styf Mannonen | Coor

Marie Styf-Mannonen

HR and Communications Director

Anni Toikka | Coor

Anni Toikka

Vice President, Operations Development and Procurement

Petri Jormanainen, Coor Employee

Petri Jormanainen

Sales Director