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Management Team Coor Sweden

The Management Team in Sweden consists of the following people.

Magnus Wikström | President of Coor Sweden | Coor

Magnus Wikström

President, Coor Sweden

Stefan Östlind | Chief financial officer | Coor

Stefan Östlind


Frida Sandgren | Head of Sustainable Development | Coor

Frida Sandgren

Head of Sustainable Development

Kajsa Högdahl - Affärsutvecklingschef | Coor

Kajsa Högdahl

Manager Business Development & Sales

Daniel Stigberg

Daniel Stigberg

Business Unit President, IFM 1

Markus Danielson | Business Unit Manager, IFM 2 | Coor

Markus Danielson

Business Unit President, IFM 2

Christer Olsson | Business Unit Manager, IFM 3 | Coor

Christer Olsson

Business Unit President, IFM 3

Anna Rudberg

Business Unit President, Property & Security

Charlotte Almberg | Business Unit Manager of Cleaning & Restaurant | Coor

Charlotte Almberg

Business Unit President, Cleaning and Food & Beverage

Magnus Krona - Tf Inköpschef | Coor

Magnus Krona

Sourcing Manager

Sofie Schough

Sofie Schough

Communications Manager

Tobias Hultman

Acting Human Resources Manager