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"Coor saved my life"

The warm culture and encouraging managers are two of the reasons that Foroozan Ahmad Nia enjoys her work as a cleaner at Coor so much. The job at Coor gave Foroozan the opportunity to stay in Sweden.

Foroozan Ahmad Nia

What do you do at Coor?

“I work as a cleaner and also sometimes carry out caretaker duties at one of our customers’ premises in Uppsala.

How long have you been working at Coor?

“I came to Sweden from Iran in 2018 and got a temporary job at Coor as a cleaner in Stockholm. I’d worked in this temporary job for two years when I was asked if I wanted to work for the same customer in Uppsala. This would give me the opportunity for a permanent position. My husband who also worked for Coor in Stockholm was also offered a permanent position in Uppsala. So we decided to move here.

What’s it like to work at Coor?

“I love working at Coor. I struggled to get permanent residency status and was turned down several times by the Swedish Migration Agency. After just two months in Uppsala, I’d received help with my residency permit and I was then given a permanent, full-time position. Coor saved my life when I was given the opportunity to work and stay in Sweden. The culture is warm, and we have plenty of opportunity to develop professionally. The managers really support the employees. I don’t have family in Uppsala, but my colleagues really feel like my family. We have workplace meet-ups where we socialize which are a lot of fun.

What’s your favorite task during the day?

“I really enjoy working alongside my colleagues and I love it when the customer is happy and satisfied. It’s also great to be able to carry out some caretaker duties, such as oiling the garden furniture or changing light bulbs.

What do you dream about?

“I’m a trained engineer and studied information and communication technology in Iran. I’m currently studying Swedish and English while working at Coor and hope to get work as an engineer here in Sweden in the future.

About Foroozan Ahmad Nia

Age: 34

Works as: Cleaner

Lives in: Uppsala

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