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Working at Coor Group

Coor Group manages supports all our Nordic operations with service development, finance, legal, sustainability and IT.

Support-function for all the Nordic operations

While the Nordic markets of Coor are focused on their own regions and customers, Coor Group develops and maintain processes and other forms of support for all our 13,000 employees in the Nordics. These are the functions of Coor Group.

Group IT is responsible for providing all employees with relevant IT services and support. IT provides the users with tools to enable Coor to take data driven decisions. Our IT department develop and shape a modern IT landscape, allowing for Coor to leverage and progress towards a digital future. 

The purpose of the Group Legal team is to provide efficient and business-oriented legal advice to the companies within Coor Service Management. This includes managing risks, ensuring corporate governance and compliance, and providing insurance coverage and certificates, as well as templates for agreements.  

Coor Group Communications is a business partner in delivering on Coor's strategy and targets, by showing what the Coor brand stands for and producing content that supports business objectives. The communications department empowers the organization through tools, coaching and providing education.

Meeting at Coor

This is how Coor Group works with tech

De här rollerna har vi inom IT. De här systemen arbetar vi mycket med. Det här spännande utmaningarna ingår i rollen. Någonting om digitalisering i allmänhet. Kanske några exempel på hur vi digitaliserar våra processer och medarbetare.

Meet our employees within Tech at Coor

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