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Our employees

”I enjoy combining operational work with a strategic approach”

During the pandemic, Helena Hogman missed being part of a larger context, which led her to apply for the job as IT Service Manager at Coor after many years as a consultant. She has now been with Coor for two years and enjoys the long-term strategic approach the role allows.

Helena Hogman, Coor Employee

Helena Hogman joined the Swedish Board of Student Finance as an administrator at the end of the 1990s. When the Board was being digitalized, she was offered internal training, which sparked a broad interest in IT. Since then, Helena has progressed her career in the IT sector, working as a consultant for a long time, always focusing on the next assignment.

“During the pandemic , I missed being part of a larger context. Apart from my immediate family, I get most of my social interaction through fitness activities, and all that stopped during Covid.

Helena joined Coor as IT Service Manager in March 2021. She is responsible for ensuring that Coor’s IT platforms and systems work smoothly.

“My work is about developing solutions based on our customers’ needs and providing support.”

Helena has access to an extensive network within Coor that she collaborates with, and a large proportion of her work is driven by the company’s various IT initiatives. 

At her first job interview, Helena fell for Coor’s service-mindedness and the atmosphere of trust.

“At Coor, I can develop my role myself, with supportive managers behind me. There are no silos at Coor and you can always ask for support and help—and people will be there for you. I really appreciate that!”

Helena also likes that she and her colleagues are encouraged to participate in seminars, monitor the surrounding world, and allocate time to personal development. The advantages associated with her new career at Coor mean that she’s no longer tempted to go back to working as a consultant.

“To be honest, I was tired of working on IT projects as a consultant as it is difficult to work with a long-term perspective. In my current role, I enjoy the combination of operational work and being able to look a little further ahead and work strategically.”