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“It’s never too late to get an education”

For many adults, switching to another line of work and going back to school is a big step. But for Lars Steen Jensen, 45, and Martin Rostock, 39, it was a decision they never regretted.

Two males in working uniform looking into the camera

Today, four years after Martin and Lars began their training as HVAC technicians, they have completed their course and have been given permanent employment at Coor.

“It’s never too late to get an education. You continue to learn all your life, and as an adult I felt more receptive to absorbing information and more engaged in learning,” says Martin. The training course is a joint initiative between Denmark’s largest HVAC trade association, Blik- og Rørarbejderforbundet, and their members. The four-year course is a mix of theory and practice; participants spend about 60 weeks in the classroom and the remaining time as paid trainees.
“We received both theoretical and practical training. Today I know what I’m talking about and can solve the challenges you face as an HVAC technician. The learning curve is very steep,”
says Martin, who discovered the profession and Coor through an uncle who is an electrician. Lars, who already has an M.Sc. in Economics and Business, says that office work was never really his thing. He heard about Coor and thought it seemed like an interesting place to work. During an interview for a role as a handyman, the idea of training as an HVAC technician came up. I thought it was worth giving it a chance."

"The learning curve is very steep."

Martin Rostock

Today Martin and Lars agree that the job involves working on a wide variety of interesting and varied challenges. Working as an HVAC technician covers everything from supervision and maintenance of HVAC systems to keeping statistics and analysing and driving the development of the systems.

After being in the same class for three and a half years, working together and facing the same challenges, Martin and Lars are no longer just colleagues, but also good friends.
“Over the years, our bond has strengthened and today we also spend time together outside work. That is definitely one of the best things that these years have given us,” says Martin.

Both Lars and Martin see Coor as a good workplace for those who want to develop.
“If you have the will to develop yourself and have the drive, everything is possible. The managers at Coor listen to and are responsive to what you say, and strengthen us as employees,” says Martin.


Martin Rostock

Lives in: Copenhagen, Denmark
Age: 39
Job: HVAC technician



Lars Steen Jensen

Lives in: Rødovre, Denmark
Age: 45
Job: HVAC technician