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Mohammad and Coor are ready

Thanks to an enterprising manager and a great partnership with employment services companies Arbetskraftsförmedlingen and Nordisk kompetens, Coor hired Mohammad Mosawi through the campaign REDO.

When Regional Manager Linda Wallin discovered that Coor had signed up for the campaign REDO, she didn’t expect things to get moving so quickly. Coor’s partnership with Arbetskraftsförmedlingen and Nordisk Kompetens and great matching meant that Coor was able to hire Mohammad Mosawi just over 24 hours later. Soon after, he was on a train from Malmö with final destination Umeå. Just over three months after his move, we checked in with Mohammad:

How was it to move from Malmö to Umeå?

“It felt good although the first week was a little strange. I didn’t know anyone, it was a new city and everything was completely different. It was like when I first arrived in Sweden. I also expected it to be cold, like below zero and snow. But I arrived in northern Sweden during the summer. For the first month there was no night at all, it was light 24 hours a day. Mohammad arrived in Umeå around midsummer.

What are your dreams?

“That my friends from Malmö will be able to move up here. There’s a future here and life is good. It’s peaceful and I can develop and grow here. I also dream about studying and becoming a businessman, and to be able to spend time with my girlfriend who lives in Australia.

Mohammad Mosawi and Linda Wallin at Coor Level 3
Mohammad Mosawi, headshot | Coor

What’s it like to work at Coor?

“It feels good, I feel at home! It’s the first workplace where everything felt right from day one. I was welcomed by my colleagues and the onboarding was good, although it was hard to find my way around a new city,” Mohammad explains.

Magnus Wikström, President at Coor Sweden, explains in a press release that Coor has many entry-level positions and that he hopes that the partnership with REDO will lead to Coor finding many new talented people who can grow alongside the company. Operational Manager Karoline Sundqvist agrees:

“Linda organized the recruitment and many people at REDO supported the process. Everything went really well and Mohammad was able to get on the train to Umeå in just a few days,” Karoline explains and continues:

“It’s great that we’ve been able to give him the opportunity to work with us. Mohammad is really good at his job and committed. What’s also impressed me is how self-motivated he is, he uses GPS to find his way round an entirely new city without problem. This has been a real win-win both for him and us,” Karoline concludes.